You can study your dream course on a fully or partially funded scholarship.

Yearly, hundreds of students in different countries get scholarships to study abroad- fully funded and partially funded. You too can. Yes! You can.

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What you will Learn

From Academic Scholarships, Average-Academic Scholarships, Region-focused Scholarships, Scholarships for Specific Groups, you’ll learn about the scholarships you fit into, irrespective of your grades or career experience.

Who fund scholarships? What are their interests? Why do they invest so much on the education of scholars across the globe?  These are important questions you’ll find answers to in this chapter. 

Learn the meaning and difference between Master by Coursework and Master by Research; their structure and requirements. You’ll discover which is best for you.

In this chapter, I’ll show you some of the proven ways to successfully discover scholarship opportunities, especially unpopular scholarships. Whether you have a First-Class, Second-Class or Third-Class degree, you will learn how to find scholarship opportunities for you.

As much as there are numerous scholarships out there, the truth is that, you are not eligible for all. Some of the opportunities you think you are eligible for, you might not fit into them. How then do you know if you fit into a scholarship, fellowship or grant? Discover that in this chapter.

Applications for scholarships are usually in high numbers; a very competitive process. It is a cycle of the most qualified- based on the requirements of the scholarship and standard of the review committee. What then can you do to improve your chances of these opportunities. Find out in this chapter. Step by step, you’ll be guided.

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to thoroughly write compelling scholarship essays in three phases- the Planning Phase, the Writing Phase, and the Editing Phase. You will also learn the dos and don’ts of writing scholarship essays.

If you seek global opportunities for academic and career advancement, this book is for you. It is an intense guide that teaches you:

Flora Ikpen is an International Education Consultant, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Arolf International Consult, an international brand that seeks to promote Human Development and global connectivity through International Higher Education.

She is the organizer of Study Abroad Masterclass with Flora. A series of intensive teachings on global opportunities (Fellowships, Grants and Scholarships), and strategic ways Africans can access them. The series had over 670 participants from different African countries, with Samuel Adeyanju (University of British Columbia, Canada, MasterCard Foundation Scholar, 2017) and Patience 2 Mmabatho Mganu (University of Limerick, Ireland, Kader Asmal Alumna, 2019) as guests.

Flora is the Author of How to Write an Outstanding Statement of Purpose for Admission, Scholarship and Visa Applications, Accessing Global Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes, and 100 Links to Global Opportunities (Fellowships, Grants & Scholarships)

Passionate about Sustainable Development and Human Capital Development, particularly in her continent, Africa; Flora is committed to advancing the US SDG 4: Quality Education, through Arolf International Consult, community service and developmentcentered projects.

What Our Readers Say

This book dishes out first-hand tips and guides on several academic opportunities abroad for Undergraduate and Graduate studies. It's highly recommended.
Richard Imhoagene
I discovered Flora's first book "How to Write an Outstanding Statement of Purpose for Admission, Scholarship and Visa Applications" before my application for Africave Fellowship. The book was of great help to me in my application for Africave and other opportunities. It equipped me with the technical know-how to ace diverse applications. I highly recommend Flora
Rita Promise
Africave Fellow, 2020.
This masterpiece is a breath of fresh air. I was schooled and positioned for an amazing global opportunity. Accessing Global Opportunity covers the essentials you need to garner global opportunities. The succinct information therein is a work of art. This is a must read for all aspiring globe-trotters. I highly recommend this book and would rate 10/10. This is value for your money, time and success.
Lilian Anyanwu

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an African seeking global opportunities? Do you desire to build international experience, network and professional portfolio? Do you want to study on scholarship in a developed country? If yes, this book is for you. It is my fast and bestselling book that intensively guides and adequately equips you to secure international opportunities.

This book is currently available as an e-book.

No, this book does not guarantee a scholarship. No one can guarantee a scholarship, except the awarding committee. This book is only a guide that provides you invaluable information. You achieve result when you utilize the guide.

No, it is not. Although the book focuses on scholarships, the information applies to fellowships as well. The book also highlights some international fellowships. It's a guide for both international scholarships and fellowships.

The world offers numerous opportunities. Explore them.

Never forget that you’re not limited to a certain geographical location.  See it. Touch it. Feel it. Experience it. The world is yours.