Studying Abroad is the best investment you can make for your future which can significantly help your career.

By investing in an international education, you can gain a competitive edge in the job market, acquire valuable skills and knowledge, and develop a global view on things.

However, the journey through tertiary education was meant to be a smooth one, but it has become more like walking through a labyrinth. In the past, our parents experienced a more straightforward journey, but now, it is rare to find a student who stays for the exact number of years prescribed by their course in a Nigerian University.

This is because their studies are punctuated by strikes or other incessant activities that derail their academic progress. For example, ASUU strikes. This factor changes the school year duration most of the time, extending it from four to six years or higher.

Unlike the challenging and unpredictable Nigerian educational system, studying abroad offers a smooth and efficient learning experience, with access to high-quality education, hands-on experiences, and a network of international connections.

By studying abroad, you can overcome the limitations of the Nigerian system, like the frequent strike, and lack of practical skills, and gain a head start in your career. So, if you’re looking to boost your career, consider studying abroad as a wise investment in your future.

In addition, besides the advantages of timely graduation, supportive lecturers, and a well-structured system, earning a degree abroad brings prestige and respect, highly valued by employers worldwide.

By choosing to study abroad, you open up a wealth of opportunities that can take your career to new heights.

Here are some topics covering how studying abroad can help your career;

Personal Development:

One magical thing that happens when you go to a new place is that your brain is more attuned to the possibilities of making new friends with different backgrounds and experiences. This diversity enriches your educational journey.

However, Feeling like you don’t fit in can actually be beneficial. When you step beyond what’s familiar, you experience growth and progress. If you always stick to what’s comfortable, it can lead to complacency and a lack of motivation to push your boundaries. Being comfortable makes you accept things as they are, leading to a lack of change. Stagnation. In today’s world, stagnation means getting left behind. Think about how it would be if society allowed you to remain forever without a job, living with your parents etc.

Additionally, studying abroad provides opportunities for self-discovery and self-reflection. You develop a greater sense of self-awareness, discover your passions, and explore new interests. The exposure to diverse perspectives challenges your own beliefs, fostering personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world which in turn influences your career positively.

Language Proficiency:

One of the best investments you can make in today’s worldwide work market is becoming multilingual. You are completely immersed in a setting where the language of teaching is different from your native tongue while you study abroad. You can quickly increase your language skills because this complete involvement serves as a catalyst for language acquisition.

Gaining proficiency in English language, or any foreign language improves your employability and opens doors to opportunities. It could be learning the complex rules and structure of English sentences, the slight variations in tones and sounds that makes it unique and meaningful. It is becoming more and more common for employers to value individuals who speak multiple languages and who are conversant in cross-cultural communication techniques.

You will also have a rare opportunity to practice your English through a variety of activities while studying abroad. First of all, public speaking and presentations become important parts of the coursework, assisting you in developing your English communication skills. Additional important roles include writing assignments, which would help you improve your written communication abilities by requiring you to convey your ideas and views in a systematic and cohesive manner. Also, regular engagement with native speakers and immersion in an English-speaking setting promote language learning, resulting in enhanced conversational and listening skills.

Networking and Professional Growth:

Studying abroad presents an excellent platform for networking and professional growth. Universities abroad frequently provide mentorship programs, career fairs, and internships that link students with business leaders. These chances give you insightful information about the labor market, allow you to make meaningful contacts, and expose you to a variety of businesses and career pathways.

Imagine being part of an international networking event and getting to know well-known people in your industry. Interactions like these can result in collaborations, job offers, internships, and other opportunities that pave the way for an exciting future. Additionally, developing a large network of international contacts expands your professional horizons, promoting international cooperation and improving your prospects internationally.

In conclusion, studying abroad will, undoubtedly, help your career. It is a life-changing experience that extends beyond school and molds your perspective on the world. It also, provides a strong basis for future success since it fosters academic excellence, language proficiency, networking opportunities, and personal growth. If you will like to begin your study abroad journey, our study abroad guide is here to help you.


Oluchi Ugoma

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