We know that prospective international students are worried about their education goals for the year, and confused about what next to do. While universities and immigration are working on favourable policies for international studies in the coming intake, we want to encourage you to not give up on your study dreams.

To help you utilise your time, here are five things we advise you do while waiting:

1. Commence your application:
If your goal is to study abroad this year, we advise you to commence your application as soon as possible. Most universities are currently accepting applications for September-October, 2020/2021 academic session. We hope that before September, the spread of the virus is drastically contained, and travel bans lifted, however, if the situation persists, students will be communicated to on the next action. Admission might be postponed until January, 2021 intake.

Hence, take out time to research on your preferred course of study, university, country, and vital information you need to guide your application process. You can also reach out to us to help you with that.

2. Prepare for your exams:
If you’re required to submit language test like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or GRE or GMAT, start preparing for the exam. Dedicate time to study available materials- books, videos, quizzes, and also do the practise test to help improve your knowledge.

You can also take some tests from home.

3. Study online:
Numerous institutions have made available short courses online, take advantage of the opportunity. While you anticipate studying abroad, acquire knowledge; we get better by learning. Explore the internet, you’ll find free and paid recognized online courses on different platforms, like Coursera, Harvard Business School, Khan Academy, NPTEL, edX, CrashCourse, and others.

Be intentional about the courses you choose, the fact that you have ample time, and access to free resources, doesn’t mean you should learn without direction. Take courses that will aid your academic and career growth. Those that enhance your skills.

A wise person makes good use of opportunities.

4. Get a remote job:
Money facilitates your study abroad dreams, and experience enriches your CV. These are some of the benefits of a remote job. Search online for available remote jobs, work at your convenience, earn income, and build your network.

Beyond the money you’ll earn, the experience will prepare you for opportunities here and abroad. Choose jobs that align with your career objectives

5. Hone your skills:
What skills do you have? What skills do you want to learn? Before the rush comes again, how about you spend time learning new skills or honing old ones?

You could take up language classes on Duolingo, Busuu, Live Mocha, and other platforms to learn a new language. YouTube and other platforms have rich content to help you build almost all skills- digital marketing, content creation, public speaking, coding, Google analytics, photography, painting, organic cream formulation, PowerPoint, excel, illustration, you name them.

Make good use of your data.

Stay positive. Your study abroad dreams are achievable.
Stay safe. Keep growing.

Flora Ikpen

Flora Ikpen

Flora Ikpen is a Communicator, an International Education Consultant, and an Author with invaluable experience in International Student Placement, Brand Management, Stakeholders Relations, Broadcasting and Development Strategies. She is the Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Arolf International Consult. Flora is passionate about Child and Teens Mentoring, Education, Human Development and Sustainable Development through Community based projects and other development-focused projects.

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